Monday, April 11, 2011

Hair Accesories

Here are some hair accesories for kids and moms. I can make these to order too.

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

So here is something for the boys in your life (or girl if they like this sort of thing). A PVC pipe bow and foam tipped arrows.

New Items

First is a tulle tutu for a baby but can be made to any size.

Second is a fairy princess wand.

Third is another wand.

 Fourth is another wand. I would use ribbon instead of crepe paper.

Fifth is a tulle ribbon tutu and a wand. Feather boa and crown not included.
 Sixth is another wand.
 Seventh is a fariy princess crown and tutu with flower decals on it.

 Eigth is another wand.
 Ninth is a tulle tutu for Barbie!

Tenth is a homemade box girly purse.

Eleventh is a hair bow, ribbon, head band holder.
12th is another wand but is for kids ages 7+ since it uses stick pins to hold the tulle on and kids younger may pull it apart causing it to stick them. This one is a judgement of what you think is safe for your child and your childs age.

13th is a cat or dog tutu.

Contact me for prices, details, or orders. (920)373-1240 or ~Krystal~

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Frilly Girls

I am starting this blog to be able to show off the super cute baby/girls tutus I make. They are up for sale. Also I do fairy/princess wands and flower/glitter medieval looking crowns with ribbons dangling from the back. This is just the start of what I have in mind for this adventure I am on. These items are all great for dress up, professional picture taking, Halloween, costume parties, dance classes, and for just having fun in. I can make the tutus, wands, and crowns to meet your wants and needs. Here is an example of a tutu I can make (it is a ladybug tutu and only the tutu is sold not the body suit).