Monday, April 11, 2011

New Items

First is a tulle tutu for a baby but can be made to any size.

Second is a fairy princess wand.

Third is another wand.

 Fourth is another wand. I would use ribbon instead of crepe paper.

Fifth is a tulle ribbon tutu and a wand. Feather boa and crown not included.
 Sixth is another wand.
 Seventh is a fariy princess crown and tutu with flower decals on it.

 Eigth is another wand.
 Ninth is a tulle tutu for Barbie!

Tenth is a homemade box girly purse.

Eleventh is a hair bow, ribbon, head band holder.
12th is another wand but is for kids ages 7+ since it uses stick pins to hold the tulle on and kids younger may pull it apart causing it to stick them. This one is a judgement of what you think is safe for your child and your childs age.

13th is a cat or dog tutu.

Contact me for prices, details, or orders. (920)373-1240 or ~Krystal~

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