Monday, September 5, 2011

Prices and Policies

Due to an increase in sales and publishing I am setting prices that are non negotionable and inforcing policies.

As of today, Monday September 5, 2011 the prices are as follows:
Head bands w/ clip: $8
Head band: $3
Clips (feather and big flowers): $5
Clips (all other): $3
Tutus, newborn-2T: $15
Tutus, 3T-6: $25
Tutus, 7-12: $30
Hair accessory holders: $25
Box purses: $10
Doll and animal tutus (barbie and small animal): $2
Beaded head band w/ ribbon: $10
Flower crown head band: $5
Wands: $4
Crochetted hats, newborn-2T: $15
Crochetted hats, 3T-5T: $25
Crochetted baby blankets: $30
Crochetted wash cloths: $5
PVC Bow and Arrows: $10

If there are any I forgot or add later on I will put and update on here of them. Remember this covers cost of materials, which sometimes are hard to find or can only be found at higher end craft stores, and it also covers my time and labor. These prices are non negotionable!

I will try my best to make your order within a week of ordering, unless I have a lot of other orders ahead of yours, which I will always let you know when you order how long the wait will be. Once I am finished and have contacted you to let you know, you have only ONE week to come pick the order up before I post it online for sale. Then it becomes first come first serve. And if you require your order to be shipped YOU will be required to pay shipping as well. I expect payment within ONE week of you receiving the order, which I WILL be tracking to know when you get it. If payment is not made you will start getting emails, phone calls, letters, until it is paid for and will NO longer be allowed to do business with me! I understand if things come up, but you need to have open communication with me about those things then and we will make payment arrangements at that time. I will NOT make a payment arrangement that spans across more than TWO months! If for some reason the color, fabric, or something else that is part of your order in unavailable at the time I will talk to you about it to see if you'd like to choose something else or if you can wait to get the order finished. If your order isn't to your liking, you don't have to pay for it, but if it was shipped you still are required to pay shipping to you and back to me when you return the product. If you decide to keep a product you are complaining about you WILL be required to pay for it. If you send it back I will sell it to someone else online instead and make you something else if you'd like at a 10% discount. If an order is running behind, I can't get the specific supplies for your order, or something comes up on my end, you will receive a 10% discount. But under NO other circumstances will there be a discount, unless otherwise stated online for a clearance or sale.

Please respect these prices, my time, my work, and these policies. If you cannot do this, please do not do business with me. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the products :) I look forward to doing business with you to make that special something for your special someone :)

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